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About One-Guild


ONE is a PVE progression guild located on the US realm Firetree.


ONE will raid as a guild on Tuesday and Wednesday with invites starting at 6:30, first pull starting before 7:00 and last pull starting roughly at 11:00. During which time everyone in the guild is expected to give it their all and help the entire guild progress. If you want to be invited to the raid you are expected to be FULLY GEMMED AND ENCHANTED and entirely raid ready.

If you have been invited you MUST take things seriously, come prepared with raid materials, and have sufficient knowledge of each fight available.

If you were not invited you MUST keep chatter down in guild chat, be prepared in case you are called on to fill in, and are encouraged to stay around vent and the raid instance to step in and be ready at a moments notice.

Just because you were not invited for the start of the raid does not mean you won't be invited later in the night. People have to go sometimes, and it is your job as a reserve to wait your turn and, once you are called on, prove you are worth keeping. We have had various players go from reserve to raider in these vary situations, so be patient and be ready to show what you can do!

Once raid is finished Wednesday night, every member in the guild is encouraged, if not required, to complete what remains in a separate 10man raid. The guild will not be organizing set ten mans so each player is individually responsible for finding a group. If you are not in a group, feel free to start your own! If you need help finding a group, you can ask an officer to make a calendar invite, or you can create a post on our forums!

REMINDER: for those of you not invited to raid and looking to raid within the guild in an alternative group, you CAN NOT SAVE TO ANY RAID until after the guild's progression raids are complete on Wednesday night! If you do attempt to do an alternative group during our progression raiding hours you WILL BE removed from the guild. As was mentioned, it may be your job as a reserve to bolster our numbers and fill in when called on, so if you are in another raid and you are needed, you might as well not even be in the guild. On a related note, if you are called on to do a raid at any point during our progression raid hours and you are already saved to that raid, you WILL BE removed from the guild. These rules are law, and if you wish to stay in this guild, you will follow them.

Currently, we are accepting any and all classes and jobs that wish to demonstrate a proficient level of competency and willingness to raid and succeed. We DEMAND 100 percent attendance especially for new recruits, as we only raid 8 hours a week. DO NOT BOTHER JOINING THIS GUILD IF YOU CAN NOT MAKE EVERY RAID DAY. IF YOU ARE OFFLINE FOR A PART OR ALL OF A RAID DAY AT ANY POINT YOU WILL BE INSTANTLY REMOVED FROM THE GUILD. However, if you must miss, you must post in the forums letting everyone in the guild know why. We all understand missing a raid here or there, but you MUST notify the guild using the Raid Absentee forum. Provided you notify the guild ahead of time missing a raid occasionally is perfectly fine just do not make a habit of it. If you are interested in this guild please contact an Officer in game, and complete the application. You MUST complete the application, including EVERY QUESTION. These applications and your demonstration of your skills to us will be vital tools in our selection of raiding personnel, so please treat your application and your time in the guild as seriously as possible.

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